Transport Database

Transport Database

Post by Elmo Scheff » Wed, 24 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Can anyone help me, I need to know if there is software available for use in
transport enviroment. Some sort of database that could assist in managing a
fleet of trucks and be able to generate reports of running cost, turnover,
income and expences of individual units. Also be able to run with some sort of
spreadsheet to extract information of daily activities and different trips
done by each unit. Maybe someone knows of a readely available pakage that can
do all of this.


1. Transporting database to client


This is my first SQL server project, and I want to transport a database from
the development site to the cleint's site.
Please note the database file size 908,680 KB (without any compacting or
compression). How is that usually done without taking the physical
development server to the client's site and copying through the network, are
there any other options having in mind the size of the database ?

What are the other implications and problems that may be encountered during
this process ?

I also want to know about permessions with regard to my application, I
normally connect the application to the database on the development server
using (sa) with a UDL file. The UDL file name and path are hardcoded in the
application and this file should be in the same place on the client's
machine. Will this work ?

thanks for you help.

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