D3 ODBC and VME deaths on NT

D3 ODBC and VME deaths on NT

Post by John Moor » Sat, 06 May 2000 04:00:00

Has anyone come across VME deaths on D3 on NT when using the ODBC?
It would seem that this occurs when an ODBC connection reaches MAXUSERS.
Does anyone out there have a general list of do's and don't's when using
D3 ODBC, especially in the area of dictionaries used, what types of
dictionaries can be safely used, using override commands in the
CREATE-TABLE command etc?
Any problems known about using a standard dictionary subroutine call
from the correlative position of the dictionary.
E.G. Data on an item-id all numeric except 2 records, override in table
set to integer, subroutine converting non-numeric to 99999999.
Dictionary works in D3, any problems in ODBC?

002 IF NOT(NUM(ITM)) THEN ITM=99999999
004 END

I await answers keenly - Has anybody got a regular set of ODBC
connections working properly across a complex multi-account database?


1. D3/NT VME space problems

ok! we had been using D3/NT 7.3.0 (SP1, SP2) for about a month.
we saw 2 big problems, 1) indexes 2) d3tcl.exe, now we got the third
one about VME spaces. (I had read some threads discussing this issues,
but mostly posted in the year 2000 about 7.0 version.)

here are something happened to our 100 user system:
1) we don't have any accounts defined in the VME.
2) VME space got eaten, and regains space too.
3) the decreasing rate of the space is way faster than the increasing.
4) reclaim-ovf command keeps giving me error 3 message.
5) after the VME space hits 0, the system complains and we have to
shutdown and apply the backup of the VME, which costs some
data/spooler lost.

here are the questions:
1) does reclaim-ovf work? can it solve this problem, or it's doing
something else? how to logon as line 0? how to get around the error 3?
what does u53 and u54 do in the dm,bp, reclaim-ovf and dm,bp,
start-reclaim-ovf? where are the documents for these user exits
2) besides the best-guessing reclaim-ovf and shutdown the system
frequently, what else can we do?
3) we already increased the VME space to 2GB, which is larger than
what we heard of the limit earlier (1.5GB). Is there any negative
effect to make it so big? what is the new limit now?
4) Are there any utility in D3 to monitor the VME space usage?
("where" is not enough i think...)
5) what other problems in D3?

thankx for all your comments, and we really want to know how many
companies are using D3/NT 7.3 and share the experience.

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