Linking Clipper with C

Linking Clipper with C

Post by Jeff Sicherm » Sat, 18 May 1991 05:35:44

  Has anyone successfully and reliably extended Clipper 5.0 using
Turbo C compiled object modules or should the 'official' specification
of Microsoft C be considered the only working basis ?


Linking Clipper with C

Post by jack l harlan-marrio » Tue, 21 May 1991 11:10:25

I've done it - what I was doing it FOR was nothing fancy, and
did NO TC lib calls. But it does work. Once youre into the lib calls.
just be sure neither your routine, nor any of the LIB routines you use,
touch the FP math routines. (Actually have done it with lib routines, come
to think of it - have a couple of TC modules in my old library that converted
to 5.0 ... they seem to still be working w/o problems)


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