Clipper Reports Source Generator

Clipper Reports Source Generator

Post by Jose M. Feb » Sat, 31 Oct 1992 23:24:04

        I am a Clipper 5.01 programmer and i am tired of being coding
LONG sources for reports. I think that it must be a program out there
that do what the Control Center do for DBase IV. Please help me. My
programs take 2 minutes to compile and link....

        Thanks a lot...
        Jose Febus
        "Drinking at Yagrumo"


1. Clipper (dBase III) and Organigram Report Generator needed!

I'm looking for software to solve the following problem:

Given a database programmed in the dBase compiler Clipper (Sommer 87, not
yet version 5.0).

One would now like to extract organigram-like reports: The user has to be
able to define the 'graphic': Who is the boss, who are the subordinates, etc.
(It won't be a fixed hierarchy, once and for all, it should be redefinable
for each report printed).

Once the hierarchy is defined, the individual boxes of the organigram should
be filled with data from a *.dbf file, that contains one record per member,
with data such as birthday, address, etc. This insertion of data is always the
same and sould therefor be automated.

Any ideas, how this could be done? Libraries for Clipper? Organigramm Packages
that could import data from *.dbf? And would allow a relatively easy 'link'?

   The user defines:

Peter                 John

  Existing database:
  Max    1.1.50  US Citicen
  Peter  1.1.40  Spanish
  Eric   3.3.60  Canadian
  John   2.12.55 French

           Born 1.1.50
           US Citicen
Peter                 John
Born 1.1.40           Born 2.12.55
Spanish               French
Born 3.3.60

Any help appreciated! I'll summarize, if need is.


UUCP:      ...mcsun!chx400!forty2!eichi          Physics Institut

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