batch processing priority

batch processing priority

Post by d.. » Fri, 03 Mar 1995 10:17:48

Does anyone know if the _progres -b controls the priority of the batch
jobs?  It wouldn't help much to nice it if Progress is going to change
the priority anyway.  I took a look at the priority of a batch job and it
was at 98, which is unacceptable for the day job queueing purpose it is

I used the UNIX at command to submit the script that runs
nohup $DLC/mbpro dbname.  I don't think the nohup is really necessary,
but that should only alter the nice by +5.

Note:  We're running Progress 6.3e03 on a Solbourne machine running SunOS.



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Hello there

We try to make permanent changes to how certain application programs are
run in terms of process priority.

Can a program, say MSAccess.exe always, i.e. permanentely, be run with a
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We appreciate any input!

Thanks a lot for your suggestions in advance!

Infogate AG
Benno Breit

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