Which database program is the best?

Which database program is the best?

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I want to learn about database programming.
However many software out there has offered their
capability of database programming.
What software does have a good recommendation for
Power Builder? Visual Foxpro? Ms Access? Delphi?
Visual  Basic? Visual C++?
Anyone can explain to me in a nutshell? Both for
their advantages and disadvantages for those
Thank you in advanced

Please reply me off the list

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1. i am writing my masters thesis on java database programming

i need any sites that have any theoretical background on any of the
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3. Java database programming (not JDBC)
my project is building a Java DBMS, i finished coding and now I am starting
to write the dissertation, the program is a simple database engine in java
that supports heap text files. anyone that knnows a good site that has
related theoretical information.

Hesham fadel

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