FoxFire! contact: 3rd Party report generator

FoxFire! contact: 3rd Party report generator

Post by Orozco & Tel » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi All,

I've red several messages in the past concerning a
FoxPro report generator.
I'm posting the contact for MicroMega, who developed

FoxFire! is known as a very powerfull and flexible
report generator, that you can use to let your users
easily create powerfull ad-hoc reports.

I myself haven't used it yet, though I plan to use
the VFP version. The comments I made on the product
are solely based on oppinions I've red in the past,
in FoxTalk and in eMail messages.

This is what I found:

Micromega Systems, Inc.
CI$:   71053,2502
Fax:   (415) 346-6804
Voice: (415) 346-6804
eMail: don't know about an internet mail address, but you could use:

       your message, so I'm not sure wether they'll read it or not.
Voice: (Orders only): 1-800-283-4080 x 885

This information comes from a demo I downloaded.
If there's interest in that, I could
also try to find the FPT site/file name.


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