computer lockup running REPORT

computer lockup running REPORT

Post by Dan Haugla » Tue, 13 Dec 1994 12:39:01

I have a problem with REPORT and a printer driver derived from the HP III
driver supplied using the Univers font.  Essentially, the computer will
run for a bit, a few records, then will lock up.  This happens under
QEMM, 386MAX, and no mem manager.  Have tried it under 2.0 and 2.5 with
similar results.

Any other experiences with this?



1. Server lockup when running with Q+E (Windows)

Has anyone seen this problem, or can one enlighten me as to the cause or fix?

When running Q+E (a Windows query package) against a 4.9.1 server (RS/6000),
I can do a query of the server and consistantly lock it up. When I kill the
application, the server will come back to life and run all pending commands.
The table I am accessing is a large

What could this application be locking or holding that would cause all other
activity to stop? I thought this was guarded against.


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