Reference material for DB paper

Reference material for DB paper

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- Methods of implementing temp*data representation.

        This involves finding out how one can represent timed data. For
        example some of the current methods used eg, time-stamping. Which is
        the most efficient representation. What advantages does each
        differing method of representation have over each other, and
        conventional databases. How do the differing database models effect,
        the modelling/design of a temp*database?

        An example paper I have found so far is "Modelling and Managing Time
        in Database Systems". (1992) by D.H.O Ling & D.A Bell. The Computer
        Journal Vol.35, No.4.

        This paper describes a means of describing temp*data, how to
        extend SQL to handle temp*queries, and how it could work over a
        multiple database model. (TDMS Temp*Database Management System).

Could anyone suggest how I might find some more current reference material
on this subject. Are there any online documents relevant to it? Any help
at all would be most appreciated.

References I have so far are :

Richards, B. and Bethke I. (1988) {Temp*databases: an IQ approach}.
Edinburgh : University Centre for Cognitive Science.

  1.  Ba on order 07-05-90    UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE

Roddick, J.F. (1990) {Incorporating temp*semantics into behavioural
database systems}.

  1.  005.74 Rod/Its          DEAKIN UNIVERSITY

Blum, R.L. (1982) {Discovery and representation of causal relationships
from a large time-oriented clinical database : the RX project}. Berlin;
New York : Springer-Verlag.

  1.  610.285425 B627 d <c451 UNIVERSITY OF BALLARAT

Hamilton, J. (1988) {On-line management of time series databases:
database retrieval program DBR}. Clayton, Vic. : Dept. of Econometrics,
Faculty of Economics and Politics, Monash University.

  1.  Contact State Library f STATE LIBRARY OF VICTORIA


Barrera, R., Frank, A., and Al-Taha, K. (1991) `Temp*Relations in
Geographic Information Systems: A Workshop at the University of Maine'.
SIGMOD RECORD, v.20, no 3, pp.85-91.

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SIGMOD RECORD, v.21, no 3, pp.35-43.

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Knight, B. (1993) `Information Loss in Temp*Knowledge Representations'.
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Ling, D.H.O and Bell, D.A. (1992) `Modelling and Managing Time in Database
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Pissinou, N., Makki, K., and Yesha, Y. (1993) `On Temp*Modelling in the
Context of Object Databases'. SIGMOD RECORD, v.22, no 3, pp.8-15.

Once again, all help appreciated. I'm sorry to say that my Library does
not have many of the sources, so any online text or postscript papers would
be _extremely_ helpful.


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