Calif. **in depth** SB+ *ASCII to GUI* training

Calif. **in depth** SB+ *ASCII to GUI* training

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We're still trying to assemble a group of interested parties who wish to
attend a three day in-depth training session, conducted by Unidata, in the
use of System Builder for converting PICK-Based ACSII applications to a
GUI environment.

Unidata normally offers this course in Denver at a cost of $1350.  They do
not normally offer it in California.

We have a facility available in the San Francisco Bay Area that will
accomodate up to ten people.  

Surely there must be some developer types out there who are considering
migration with System Builder who would like to gain a more thorough
understanding of it before proceeding forward.

Drop me an Email if you are interested in attending sometime after late
September and before the end of the year.  We will do our best to come up
with a date that works for everyone.

We are developers of a wholesale distribution vertical application.

Jim Laner - Key Data Systems Group
"Bring me the prisoners. I want them ALIVE." -D. Vader


1. Northern CA **in depth** System Builder Training

We are a PICK-based software developer conducting due diligence in
evaluating the adoption of a GUI / 4GL tool to re-engineer our product

System Builder+ is one of several tools we are considering.

We have a facility in the S.F. Bay Area that will accomodate perhaps ten
people for training.

If we can amass enough interested parties to attend simultaneously, a
significant savings can be had by any of you who wish to receive in-depth
training offered by Unidata in the use of SB+ and SB Client.

Unidata normally charges around $1500 for a three day course which focuses
on the practical steps required to take character-based legacy application
code and whap it upside the head until it comes out it GUI.  In this case
the price per participant will depend upon the number of people who
ultimately (no pun intended) attend.  I am also making an assumption the
Unidata / SB+ is willing to undertake this type of effort in the first
place.  I have received preliminary indications that they are.

At this point our preferred date for the training is sometime in late Aug.
or early Sep. of 1996.  If you are interested in attending a three day
course and are available during that period, please drop an email to me

interested in attending but at some other point in time, let us know.

We will demand a hard-core three day session, mind control techniques will
be utilized, there will be no pee breaks, sessions will start at 5:00 am
and continue straight through until well past midnite every day.  The
Unidata representative will not be allowed to leave the building nor
return to his adopted state of Colorado until **every single one of our
(your) questions** has been answered with a fully verifiable essay-like
response in writing and in triplicate.  No meals will be served but
there's a pretty good burrito shop nearby (Korean Teriyaki Chicken
Burritos - Yumbo!).

How can you possibly resist this opportunity to spit roast a Unidata-head
to crispy crackly crunch?  I ask you.

Send us your email.  Thank you for your bandwidth.  Remember: CC to

Jim Laner - Key Data Systems Group
                   Laner Electric Supply Co., Inc.
"Bring me the prisoners. I want them ALIVE." -D. Vader

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