VFP5ENU.DLL not found on C Drive.

VFP5ENU.DLL not found on C Drive.

Post by Javier Schneider Torre » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

Thanks Anders and anyone else who can help me,

First i answer your question, both of them, VFP and Windows are in Spanish,
like the rest of my software.

I was looking for the file VFP5ENU.DLL and it was nowhere on the hard disk.

I am connected to a LAN network, but i don't share any of my resources, and
i don't take any advantage of the other's resources.

I just keep my conection just to test my VFP Applications once finished.

I have installed VFP more than ten times without any problems, and in all of
the other machines, it works, but in mine.

Thanks in advance,   Javier.

begin 666 Javier Schneider.vcf
M<W) =&5L8V5L+FYE="YV90T*14U!24P[24Y415).150Z:F%V:65R7W-C:&YE
&0T%21 T*