NT vs SCO, which would you pick?

NT vs SCO, which would you pick?

Post by Tom Bergma » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Well, it's time for us to set up and deploy a new server. We run about
60 or 70 users (client server), plus WebSpeed against a 600 mb 7.3C
database currently on an SCO 3.4.2 server.

We need to switch to a new opsys so we can deploy 8.1 and AppServers. At
the same time we'll probably get new hardware (Intel Pentium Pro 200,
possibly multiple processors).

Our dilemma is whether to upgrade to SCO open server 5 or switch to NT.

One clear advantage with NT is that it will allow us to run WebSpeed in
shared memory. We're currently using a C/S connection to our database
and performance, although adequate, could be better. From the list of
supported platforms for the beta of WebSpeed 2.0, it appears they are
only going to support SCO Unixware, not open server.

We're comfortable with SCO but there's a lot more NT expertise in-house
and it fits better with the current corporate culture.

Is Progress 8.1 for NT ready for Prime Time? Will we gain or lose
performance going to NT? Any known serious problems with Progress on NT?

Your opinions are eagerly awaited.

Tom Bergman


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The subject says it all. Big decision to make real soon. Performance and
scalability are the issues. Cost is secondary. Management is not an issue
as we have prototypes in both. We are talking 40 million records with about
40 million reads per day and 100,000 writes.

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