abstract data types/objects

abstract data types/objects

Post by Sabine Bueche » Thu, 18 Jan 2001 23:47:55

Hallo, I need help or some information, where I can get examples on how to
use abstract data types in tables. creating tables where columns are defined
as abstract datatypes does work. Furthermore I can access the data in it
with standard select-syntax using alias for the table. Now my problem is
especially in declaring a cursor for complex data and insertion in another
table, using the same object type.
Would be great if someone could help me soon!

1. Abstract Data Parameter Type?

I have created abstract data provider class (DataAccessor) which get
implemented by .net data provider-specific concrete classes (a SQL provider
class, a OLE DB class, etc).  This helps keep the user ignorant from how db
access gets implemented.  The user has access to these static concrete
classes through a class factory component called Data Manager. So for
example the user would call:

'This returns a reference to concrete class which factory resolves from the
 Dim objDBAccess As DataAccessor =

My questions is how to best handle parameter manipulation.  I want to enable
the sending of parameters and parameter arrays through Execute methods, but
how to do that if they don't know what provider they are using (don't want
them to send SQLParameter or OLEDBParameter).  Currently the only
implementation I could think of was to added static Set and Gets.  This is
not very robust, however, and does not enable the passing of parameters in
Execute calls.

For example, I want them to be able to:

'where arrSomeArrayofParams is an array of IDataParam-compliant types
"getProductDetails", arrSomeArrayofParams)

They currently can only set param one at time, then execute:

ParameterType.dmPtInt, 1)
objDBAccess.ExecuteNonQuery(Nothing, CommandType.StoredProcedure,
"getProductDetails", Nothing)

Any help appreciated!
Thanks in advance

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