How to divide data and schema description in persisted recordset (XML)

How to divide data and schema description in persisted recordset (XML)

Post by Vlad Liderma » Sat, 09 Jun 2001 15:31:41

I got a problem, and as I found it's can't be solved. But I'll try to explain.

I got a table with 512 collumns, and when I store recordset using XML my file
become large, 'cause ADO describes my table format using XDR schema. But this
schame is not a valid XDR schema, and it cann't be used for validation of XML
data. If so, it cannot be stored separatly from data. Because to call external
schema I should use xmlns="x-schema:xdr_schema_file" clause. When I tried use
this clause, ADO Open method returned a error.

Please consult me, how can I "unclude" this schema to my persisted recordset.



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I am pulling data from a database, converting it to XML, and rendering it as
HTML using XSL.  I seem to have (at least) 2 choices when it comes to
converting the data to XML
(1) call Recordset::Save with adPersistXML or (2) use an ASP page and the
XMLDSO to generate XML.

The first technique requires I create a disk file for the Save, and I deal
with the XML the Recordset writes.  With the second technique I can invent
my own XML document type and the XML never needs touch disk.

My main reservation about using Recordset::Save concerns the XML document
format.  Is the Recordset generated XML in documented and fixed format, or
is it an undocumented/unsupported format likely to change?

Ed Schiebel

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