Mailing lists over email

Mailing lists over email

Post by Michiel Steltm » Wed, 21 Nov 1990 09:19:43

I heard about the existence of email mailings lists to which one can
subscribe. Does anybody know about such lists? I'm interested in subjects
such as databases, software-engineering, CASE, information systems.
How and where do I subscribe?


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1. Emailing to a mailing list

I'm looking for a way to email a single message to multiple recipients on a
mailing list. The way that I have come up with so far is a script that goes
to a record, sends a message, goes to the next record, and so on. But with
upwards of 2,000 members on a list (and growing), that seems rather

There must be a better way that I'm not seeing. Is there?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion,

Ty Morton

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