Job Offer

Job Offer

Post by Rainer Weig » Fri, 21 Jan 1994 23:18:24

Database-Development Opportunity

The position is in a four-member team developing database appli-
cations using primarily Ingres Windows 4GL on HP-UNIX platforms.
The software will also be ported to PC platforms (MS-Windows and
OS/2). The team is part of a multi-project development of systems
which will be implemented Europe-wide. The position is located in
Lucerne, Switzerland.

The team-member should:

.    problem solver
.    team-player
.    good communicator
.    prepared to travel (approx. 3 week-long trips per year)

-    Software:
     .    relational database (INGRES preferred)
     .    SQL
     .    4GL programming
     .    graphical user interface design/programming
     .    client/server architecture
     .    'c' programming
     .    UNIX
     .    communications (TCP/IP)
     .    PC skills (Windows, OS/2)
-    Applications:
     .    manufacturing/order processing
-    Education:
     .    IT (degree plus 2-3 years appropriate experience, or
          5-6 years experience)
     .    Written and spoken English and spoken German !!!

.    support existing software a in large project/international
     environment (4gl, 'c')
.    extend existing software to meet new requirements
.    work on design issues with other project teams
.    support other team-members (walk-throughs, design support,
     testing etc.)
.    develop user and system documentation (Interleaf experience

Contact: Mr. Duncan Allbrooke                         Tel.: +41 41 39 38 21
         Schindler Informatik AG
         Zuger Strasse

         CH-6030 Ebikon / Lucerne

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