When the grid gets focus the form gets moved

When the grid gets focus the form gets moved

Post by databasis informatie system » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

In VFP 3.0:
When i enter a form as soon as my grid gets the focus the form is moved up a
little because myform.top changes from -2 to 0. Is there a way to prevent this?



When the grid gets focus the form gets moved

Post by John V. Peterse » Fri, 27 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Try entering this code in the Init() of the form:

        This.AutoCenter = .T.

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VFP6, SP3, Win9x

After setting a filter on the underlying file, and calling the list
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called.  (The event logger shows this.)  Then the next instruction is
the read events line on the .prg that calls this form.  (Seen in

The underlying file has less than 200 records & is just a plain free
table.  The rowsource type is 6 (fields) and the rowsource is

From a form method I do something like:
with this       .cboOfMine
        .rowsourcetype = 0
        select myfile
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        .rowsourcetype = 6      &&fields

The error message is:  THIS cannot be used except in a method.

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Best wishes,

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