PHP ODBC - MS Access : table name problem

PHP ODBC - MS Access : table name problem

Post by Seb » Tue, 20 May 2003 17:33:59

I have a problem with some tables in an Access DB when I
want to use them with ODBC (in PHP) :
I think tables which name begins with a '$' can't be used

Has anyone had the same issue or a way to solve it ?




1. [PHP] RPMs for PHP accessing PostgreSQL via ODBC over RedHat


We are currently running the following configuration on our server:

Linux Red Hat 7.0
PostgreSQL 7.1beta4-1
PHP 4.0.1pl2

I need to add some RPM package (or perhaps an apache module) to enable PHP
to access PostgreSQL via ODBC.

In order to have PostgreSQL native access support we installed package

Is there some similar RPM package to enable ODBC access in PHP4.0.1pl2?

If not, how should I procceed?


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