Read Events And Clear Events

Read Events And Clear Events

Post by Richa » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00


        I don't know what is Read Events and Clear Events in VFP. What are they used for? When to
use them? Where to use them? How to use them? I read the books and the on-line help file and
still doesn't understand.

Richard Yip


1. Three event logged in the event view About SQLAgent whenever clear the event logs or failover

Whenever I failover over a second node or clear the event log in the event
view I ended up three logs about SQLAgent; error, warning and good. One of
the event log had event ID: 318.

I had been searching on the Technet and I was not able to find out how I
would clear those errors out. As far the Virtual SQL and SQLAgent service
they worked fine.

Anyone experienced the same thing and had resolved please email the



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