Looking for HyperModel or OO1 source, pref in Lisp or Scheme

Looking for HyperModel or OO1 source, pref in Lisp or Scheme

Post by Paul Wils » Sat, 15 Jun 1991 03:45:47

I'm looking for code for the Hypermodel benchmark, preferably in Lisp
or Scheme.  (If I can't find it in Lisp or Scheme, I'd like to look
at source in other languages, to help me implement it.)

I'd also be interested in an implementation of the OO1 benchmark
(refined Sun Engineering Database Benchmark) in Lisp or Scheme.

(I've already coded most of OO1 in Scheme, but I'd like to compare
with what somebody else has done.)

Thanks prematurely,


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1. Looking for HyperModel benchmark

I am looking for a copy of the source for the HyperModel Benchmark.
The paper I have (reference below) states that the source (presumeably
in Smalltalk) is available from the third author (Moira Mallison) but
does not give any means of contact (other than partial snail-mail

If you have a copy, know where one is or know where (or are) one of
the authors, please give me a jingle by replying to this message.  The
authors affiliations at the time were: Servio, Center for Industrial
Research in Oslo, Tektronix, Portland State U and Mentor Graphics

Please reply by email as I don't regularly read all the groups to
which this is posted.  Anyone interested in this same info can mail me
direct or I will post if there is alot of interest.

AUTHOR = "T. Lougenia Anderson and Ame J. Berre and Moira Mallison
          and Harry H. Porter and Bruce Schneider",
TITLE = "The {HyperModel} benchmark",
BOOKTITLE = Proceedings of the Conference on Extending Database Technology",
SERIES = {LNCS 416},
PUBLISHER = "Springer Verlag",
MONTH = mar,
YEAR = 1990,
PAGES = "317--331"

Thanks in advance for your time,

ato de, |m        -- Note: This method actually does something completely
                     ridiculous but it doesn't matter what it does anyways
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