Indentation of memo fields - reports vs. modify memo

Indentation of memo fields - reports vs. modify memo

Post by Dan Freema » Wed, 05 Mar 1997 04:00:00

* at Microsoft all you like. Fox Software invented this one. <sigh>

Foxpro has historically been really stupid at dealing with tabs in printed
output. At least these days it respects the tabs that exist. It didn't

There's really no good way around it other than replacing all your tabs
with spaces.

Quote:> In MODIFY MEMO, the tab key acts like an indent - wrapped lines line up
> under the tab, not at the left margin.  In reports, however, they wrap
> back to the left margin.

> Anyone have any suggestions for a workaround to this?  Is there an actual
> "indent" keystroke for memos?

> Anyone else feel like *ing at Microsoft for why something behaves
> differently in printed output than on-screen?


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Can someone please tell me what the syntax is for copying the contents
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LoadFromFile to load directly into the memo field in the database.

ALL help is appreciated.

Thanks, Ken

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