D3/NT port from AP/Pro using PicLan

D3/NT port from AP/Pro using PicLan

Post by Rob Jahnk » Sun, 10 May 1998 04:00:00

We will soon be moving to D3/NT from AP/Pro.  Does anyone know if it is
possible to port our AP/Pro data through the network to the D3/NT VME and/or
FSI using PicLan in some manner?  If so, details would be appreciated.

Rob Jahnke
Alta Genetics Inc.
Calgary, Canada


1. PICLAN AP/PRO port assignments

Check the pl-cfg.ini file on the users pc.  There is an entry for "hard"
coding a port (pib?) assignment.  The name of the line escapes me at the
moment, but is is self-documenting.  There are many treasures buried
here, including mapping of the function keys.

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