Wanted: some util to amend file.ddf

Wanted: some util to amend file.ddf

Post by Paul Kosk » Wed, 25 Dec 1996 04:00:00


This is btrieve question:    (where do btrievers gather anyway?)

How to create and edit file.ddf?
I've got to deal with this btrieve if i'm to convert to Fox...
An old app. has several files ( *.ptr ) but:
1.  file.ddf is absent in that same directory
2.  app. magically still works (how?  how?)
3.  some file.ddf in the neighbouring subdir shows only 2 out of 10
4.  I still can't get at them:  I looked inside and a full path to 2
    data files is stored there...that path is NOT my foolin-around-dir
    so I better edit this file.ddf

I have butil5 and btrieve5 - no doc, no experience to speak of...
I hope there must be some free/share s/w to do what I want.
NB there's apparently an excellent DDF Sniffer from SmithWare - I can't
afford it though... :(
Paul Koski


1. Need to have customized DDF file names (say MyFile.ddf instead of file.ddf)

I need to have, when creating a DDF 'using' a
btrieve file,  customized filenames for the 3
files (File.ddf, field.ddf, index.ddf) that are
created. ( I mean, I need to have these filenames
renamed to my requirement and Pervasive.SQL
should start using these renamed files in the
further operations and not the default).

Could any buddy render a helping hand to get this
done? I would appreciate your help.

My attempt:
I attempted to change the contents of the table
X$File which seems to maintain these files
information(tried to change the value of xf$Loc
column where xf$name = 'X$File') But I was
responded to see 'System table can't directly be
modified'. The document also says that system
tables can be modified with DDL statements. But I
couldn't find a way anywhere else to do this.

Expecting a help. Please.


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