importin FoxPro 2.6 into WinWord 6.0

importin FoxPro 2.6 into WinWord 6.0

Post by Reinhard Schumach » Wed, 24 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Is there any work around of this problem:
I want to print address labels using WinWord6.0's mail merge function. But
some of the addresses have these German umlaute. When browsing the database in
FoxPro 2.6 (Windows program!) I see the corrrect umlaute. When importing the
addresses into WinWord for example the IBM PC ASCII letter for the value 246
is displayed (a sign for division) and not the correct ANSI sign for the
umlaut oe.

Thank you!
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1. FoxPro 2.6 and WinWord

: Q1)  Can I print the document from FoxPro?  In other words, can the
: operator enter the data in a data entry screen, press a Print button, and
: have the merge take place and have the output printed directly without
: going to Word and doing the merge/print from Word?


: Q2)  Can I store the document in a FoxPro data table (general field) and
: perform the merge/print from the document template in the FoxPro table?  (I
: realize need the WinWord application  needs to be accessible to the user).


: Q3)  If Q2 is a yes, do I need to store 2 templates for each document; one
: for Win31 and another for Win95 or can the Win95 template use a Word 6.0
: document without a translation.


: Q4)  I know this is a lot, but could you provide some sample code?  To keep
: it simple perhaps just merging a name into a Word document with the name
: coming from FoxPro. mean here's something I'm using:

&& Where Word is located


&& Open Word & DDE channel to

  = DDESetOption("SAFETY", .F.)
  channel = DDEInitiate(wordprogram, "")
  IF channel = -1 THEN
    RUN /N &program
    DO WHILE channel = -1
      channel = DDEInitiate(wordprogram, "")
  = DDEExecute(channel, "[AppMinimize]"

&& Open document

  = DDEExecute(channel, '[FileOpen "'+ your_template +'"]')

&& Perform search and replace

    = DDEExecute(channel,;
                 '[EditReplace .Find="'+ template_token +;
                 '", .Replace="'+ some_token_value +;
                 '", .MatchCase=0, .ReplaceAll]')

&& Print & Exit

  = DDEExecute(channel, '[FilePrint]')
  = DDEExecute(channel, '[FileExit]')
  = DDETerminate(channel)

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