Can I know type of cell programmatically? (calculated/derived)

Can I know type of cell programmatically? (calculated/derived)

Post by Mosha Pasumansky [MS » Sat, 26 Jul 2003 06:13:38

Quote:> I think I figured out a way to know the Calculated measures.
> I issue a MDSCHEMA_MEASURES RequestType and watch for <EXPRESSION> tag
> in the returnd rowsets for the measures. The tag is present for the
> calculated members, and is absent for the others.


This is very unsafe thing to do. It would miss many other cases (calculated
members which are not measures is one obvious example). If your goal is to
discover when DRILLTHROUGH will work, the closest I can think of would be
UPDATEABLE cell property. All the calculated cells are both not updateable
and not drill through'able. However, there still will be cells which are
updateable but not drill through'able and vice versa.


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1. Can I know type of Cell (i.e. Calculated/Derived)?

Hi Akshai,

Thanks for the tip on my earlier post.
I have a different query this time.
I want to execute DRILLTHROUGH on a Cell. I understand that I can not do
that on a cell that is of Calculated or Derived type.(am I right?).
Is there any way of knowing from MS AS as to the cell I am going to
perform a drillthrough is a Calculated/Derived type (so as to prevent

Appreciate your response,

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