Save specific report printer(FPW2.6)HELP!

Save specific report printer(FPW2.6)HELP!

Post by c.. » Sat, 21 Aug 1999 04:00:00

Hi all - I am in FPW2.6 running WinNT. I have several reports printing
to different printers. I used the report layout and choose each printer
to print to.  On most of the reports - they will print to the correct
network printer, but when I try to print to a Zebra bar code network
printer, the report won't print to the Zebra - it just prints to the
defaulted printer.  I tried using PROMPT and it shows the Zebra when I
am ready to print and if I open the drop-down list and press ENTER on
Zebra - it will print there.  But, if I just press ENTER in the PROMPT
window and Zebra is showing (and I don't specifically open the drop-down
list and choose Zebra)- it prints to the default printer (a laser).  I
don't understand what is happening.

I also opened the bar code printer report to look at the printer setup
and it saves the Zebra, but it never saves the page layout 1" * 2"
layout - it always changes it to something else unless I choose the
Zebra from the drop-down list again and the correct page format comes

Please can anyone help me with this?  I hate the way FPW2.6 prints to
printers in WinNT...

Thanks in advance,

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I submit that REPORT FORM always uses the Windows "default" printer? Agreed,
or am I missing something? (forget the PROMPT clause, this is high volume

Is there a  way to tell REPORT FORM to use a specific printer set in the
programs setup screen (the actual name/device will differ at each site).

Many thanks, in advance, for any help.


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