Oracle vs.Progress: Database Selection?

Oracle vs.Progress: Database Selection?

Post by Paul Raulers » Fri, 21 Feb 1992 03:28:36

I have to make a pretty quick selection between a couple really
good databases, Oracle and Progress.

The main requirements are good graphical capabilities,
a 4GL for development, SQL compatibilty, Client/Server arch.,
good performance, and cross platform capablity between UNIX, DOS,
and Macintosh platforms.

Anyone who would care to comment on thier expereinces with these
two databases regarding the above requirements would have their
opinions warmly welcomed by me, that I can promise! :)

Right now, it looks like Progress is edging slightly ahead
because of the 4GL and interplatform support. On the other
hand, Oracle has some really hot stuff, inlcuding the *only*
real database server that runs under native MacOS. (Progress
requires A/UX.)



1. Database selection (considering Progress)

We are in the process of selecting a relational database product.  We have
looked at a number of them and are taking a serious look at Progress.  I am
looking for comments and suggestions.  For those of you that use Progress,
why did you choose it over other products.  For those of you that looked at
Progress and did not select it, why did you go another direction?  Any help
will be greatly appreciated.  Please email responses.  If there is enough
interest I will post a summary.  Thanks in advance.
Until later, Geoffrey Myers     404.750.5247    cbnewsm!geof

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