Comp.databases archive? FoxBASE/Mac articles

Comp.databases archive? FoxBASE/Mac articles

Post by Eric Wei » Wed, 20 Nov 1991 01:08:09

    I'm looking for any articles about FoxBASE+/Mac which have been posted to
this group.  If anyone knows of an archive site for articles posted to this
group, or if anyone has copies of articles posted here concerning
FoxBASE+/Mac, I'd appreciate getting copies of them.

Eric Weidl


             University of Chicago  -- Academic and Public Computing


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I have just started working and my company is trying to be a Power Mac
organization and I am supposed to choose a database package which is
portable to Mac, PC and UNIX environment.

I was thinking about Powerbuildler or Gupta SQL windows which don't have
Mac versions till I don't know when.

If you can help me on this it will be great...


 Indu Navar                                    
 California State University, Chico

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