VFP 3.0 Win: more newby form-questions

VFP 3.0 Win: more newby form-questions

Post by Karen Dro » Thu, 11 Jan 1996 04:00:00

This is the continuing story of the problems I encounter trying to make a
form. Thank you Alex, Brian, Gail and Esa for nswering my last question;
your answered saved that problem, but now I have a new problem.

I succeeded in making a form with two pages, but now I can't edit the data
displayed by the form. And I can't add new records either. It says
        'The record is read-only'
Now where did I define that????? I am puzzled once more.......

Thank you for your time.

Karen Drost
Utrecht, The Netherlands


1. VFP 3.0 win: Problem with form with 2 pages

The trick with PageFrames that you might be missing is that you have to have
the Page selected when you drop an object onto it - you can do this by
selecting the Page in the dropdown in the Object dropdown of the Properties
window. You can see if you have selected it because the PageFrame gets a green
hatched border around it (green on my monitor, anyway). Any objects you draw
will now be contained by the Page rather than the Form.
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