OpenROAD: A few questions. (fwd)Re: Open (fwd)

OpenROAD: A few questions. (fwd)Re: Open (fwd)

Post by William Adai » Sat, 20 May 1995 04:00:00


> Bill,

> I've got a couple of followup questions for you.

> Since I am just learning OpenROAD, I could (and most likely am) be doing
> something wrong.  Specifically, I could be handling the addition and deletion
> of data wrong.  Should I instead go to another frame (screen) in order to add
> data (or delete the data) and then have the user return to the first frame?  As
> I'm doing it now, I have a button that's supposed to do the adding, but stay on
> the same frame.  I think that has a LOT to do with why that Manditory doesn't
> seem to be working.

> What are the RemoveRow() and Clear() functions?

Do you have a manual? If so look up the ArrayObject in the index at the back. You
will find the methods for an ArrayObject defined (of which these are 2). Each
tablefield has an ArrayObject associated with it that holds the data displayed
in the tablefield. You are able to perform a set of operations on this data
such as deleting a row from the array, adding a new row etc.

I would code the application to have a secondary frame as you describe as it
makes life very simple for you. One quick tip - assign a UserClass to the
tablefield - you may have to create one that matches the fields you want to
edit - then when you create the fields on the editing frame use the group menu
option in the editor to group the fields (and their text trims) into a named
matrix field and then assign the same user class to the group of fields. You will
then be able to either use the Duplicate() method to move all the data between
the table and fields and vice-versa or send the row by reference. e.g.

On Click 'change_btn' =

        Callframe MyEditframe (screen = BYREF (table[]));


NB Don't call the UserClass the same name as the name of the table or you will
get an error e.g. student_tbl for the tablefield, uc_student for the UserClass.

> Rod

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1. OpenROAD: A few questions. (fwd)Re: Open

Here's a Windows4gl answer to the above - us old fashioned types don't have
mandatory so nothing on that - Nullable means that if you don't enter a value
in the field the output data value is NULL (as opposed to being an empty string
in the case of a varchar or char, or a zero in the case of an integer of float)
which means that the value will not be used in calculating avgs, sums etc.
Note that if your field is a child of a stackfield (for instance) and that stack
field has a UserClass assigned to it anything you enter in the field properties
will be overidden by the UserClass properties - possibly this is your problem.

if you are not going to save all the data at the end of the editing operation
i.e. on leaving the frame then you should RemoveRow() the row from the array as you
delete it from the database (as opposed to reloading the array from the database).
If you must reload the data each time you change it then Clear() the array (you
will need to do this anyway as otherwise you will leave the last load of data in
the array.

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