FPW 2.6 Creating an EXE w/ NT 4.0

FPW 2.6 Creating an EXE w/ NT 4.0

Post by Tom Bellme » Wed, 14 May 1997 04:00:00

Apparently due to NT's multi-tasking / multi-threading
abilities I am no longer able to create executables (EXE)
from FPW 2.6 under NT 4.0.  This is because during the
compression routine FPW 2.6 thinks that the compression
jobs will be performed sequentially but NT 4.0 attempts
to do as many simultaneously as possible.  This results
in the peculiar error message - "not enough memory".
FYI I have 72 MB of RAM.

Does anyone on this great listserver have an exact solution
to this problem?  M$ is aware of it but of course does not
plan on fixing it since it is not the current release of the
product.  Unfortunately, the clients that will be using the EXE
are using Win 3.1 with anywhere from 4 to 16 MB of RAM.
Besides, I would rather distribute 2 disks in FPW 2.6 than
approximately 7 in VFP 5.0 (I do however use and like VFP 5.0).

Tom Bellmer
Tom Bellmer
Olathe, KS


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