Pervasive Control Center

Pervasive Control Center

Post by Martin Har » Wed, 29 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi all:

I have a few questions about the Pervasive Control Centre when it is used to
create/modify ddf's. I have used DDF Builder for many years and found it
very easy to use. Pervasive's first attempt (DDF Easy) was (for me) a total
waste of time and space, by the new PCC is much more useable. I would,
however, like to ask a few simple questions.

1) Can I export a file definition?
2) Can I import any form of file definition?
3) Is there a place I can print the complete file definition (fields,
indexes and page attributes) without having to select each individual page
and print it?
4) Is it me, or is PCC a little unstable (unhandled exceptions etc.)?

Martin Hart


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We have installed Pervasive SQL 2000 on a Netware Server + Win95 Clients. We
have applied the SevicePack 2a on both.
When working in Pervasive Control Center (PCC), evrything is very slow and
Some examples :
- Database Wizard (Consistency Check) : after select it in the menu, we have
to wait 20-30 seconds before it appears on the screen
- Edit Table Design : after select it in the menu, we have to wait 30-40
second before the screen displays the table'informations.
- Frequents "unrecoverable errors" !!!
- etc ...

However, when working with ODBC Drivers on W95 clients, time response is

Doe's someone has the same problem ?

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