progress / php / odbc problem

progress / php / odbc problem

Post by indrek siita » Wed, 09 May 2001 22:58:15


I'm trying to write a PHP app that accesses a Progress database.

version info:
- Windows 2000 Pro + Apache 1.3.14
- PHP 4.0.4pl1 (4.0.5 just wouldn't work on my machine)
- Progress 8.3.B
- Merant Progress ODBC drivers v 3.50

the ODBC drivers seem to be fine - I made a MS Access database
and linked a bunch of Progress tables in there with Get External
Data / Link tables. I can view/query them just fine.
now, I tried a simple PHP app:

--- 8< ---

$sth=odbc_exec($DBH,"SELECT Trkoodi,Trnimi FROM Turyhma");
echo "<li> ".odbc_result($sth,"Trkoodi")." - ".odbc_result($sth,"Trnimi");



--- 8< ---

The odbc_exec() query seems to be fine (when i do "echo $sth" after
the exec, i get "Resource id #2"). but the odbc_fetch_row() really
acts weird - it always returns true so it ends up in endless loop.
the odbc_result() calls return empty strings.

I've tried the odbc_connect() with all the possible cursor types,
doesn't help.

I've tried something like that:

--- 8< ---

if (!odbc_fetch_row($sth,$i)) break;
echo "<li> ".odbc_result($sth,"Trkoodi")." - ".odbc_result($sth,"Trnimi");


--- 8< ---

didn't work either. :(

as a really stoopid thing, I tried creating an ODBC source for the
Access database I created before (with the Progress tables linked
in via ODBC). now I connected to the Access database via ODBC in
PHP and tried to query the Progress tables linked into the Access.
everything worked fine - I could access all the information in

any other ideas?



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