sir, spss and ingres

sir, spss and ingres

Post by Colin Ford » Sat, 05 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Has ingres a capture facility to read SIR Database files.
Has Ingres the ability to produce SPSS system files.
Please email me.


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1. Please Sir, More help sir....(with set relation)....

select a
use employee order ssn
Ok, here's the snippet...

select b
use absence

set relation to ssn into a
set skip to employee

        replace vac_grant with a.vac_ent

close all

What I want this code to do is, scan thru the table in area b ssn by ssn;  
when it finds a corresponding ssn in the table in area a, replace the field
called vac_grant in area b with the value in field vac_ent in area a.

This set relation stuff is real confusing, and I would GREATLY appreciate any
help with this one.

Thanx much, RH

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