Foxpro 2.5 For Mac

Foxpro 2.5 For Mac

Post by hugh davie » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Appending ASCII files with spaces translates to "empty" numeric cells in
a table (DBF).

How can I manipulate these "empty" cells - i.e. in en expression, how do
you specify an empty cell? I've tried double quotes, etc.

If you COPY TO an XL file, these empty cells are translated as zeroes,
which we don't want. I need to REPLACE ALL FIELD WITH 999 WHERE FIELD =

I'm a FOXPRO neophyte, all suggestions welcome!



1. Foxpro 2.5 on Mac

        I'm currently developing a system using Foxpro 2.5 on a Macintosh
platform.  I'm finding a way to hide the background Foxpro's windows everytime
I run my application.  I'd tried "Clear all", "Clear windows" etc but they
didn't work for Mac.  What command is similar to "Hide all" in Foxpro ? Where
should I place the command ?
        If you have any answers to the above problems, please send your answers
to the following account :

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