Ole Error Code ... Interface non registered

Ole Error Code ... Interface non registered

Post by Max Benvenu » Wed, 27 Jan 1999 04:00:00

A friend has made a program in window95 using a Microsoft Form
Scrollbar 2.0. He has passed whole project to me and when i
execute the programm i get the error:
Error Ole 0x.... Interface non registered ... Record number 46
If i go in Form Designer and i try to place the control in a
form i get the error yet, so i suppose it is the new control that
raise the error.
I use windows98, is there any bug using this control ?

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I have SQL server 6.5 installed on a NT4 server which is also the Priminary
Domain Controller. Within the same domain there is another NT4 server. I  
log on to the second NT4 server with Administrator privilege , I can start
start Sqlmgr, Sqecmgr with no problem . However, when
I try to start Sqlew (Enterprise Manager), I get through the SQL screen,
the error message

   "SQLOLE ole object could not registered, Class not registered

            (80040154)      "

Any idea how to solve this. Or one can run Sqlew ONLY on the local server
with SQL server physically installed

Thanks much for any help.

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