Inmagic Plus Format

Inmagic Plus Format

Post by Slyfo » Sat, 03 Mar 2001 06:06:28

I am using Inmagic Plus for DOS, which has been released as Freeware.
It's very nice.  However, it only seems to accept the Inmagic format
for importing/exporting.  Here's a typical format:

Field1 AA
Field2 This is a string
Field3 This is another string
Field1 BB
Field2 Another random string
Field3 Yet another random string

So, the records get imported/exported with the field names in front of
the field values, and separated with the $ symbol.  What I would like
to find out is if there are any freeware tools for DOS which will
convert a format such as the above into CSV format, such as

"AA","This is a string","This is another string"
"BB","Another random string","Yet another random string"

The "$" delimiter doesn't really matter, as I can always do a
search/replace.  But does the Inmagic Plus format resemble any other
common format?  And if so, are there already tools (besides the Data
Magician) which will convert between it and CSV?

Sam Campbell

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1. Inmagic Plus for DOS question

I apologize if this is "off topic" but I am at a loss where else to
look.  I recently downloaded Inmagic Plus for DOS, which is a rather
nice non-relational database system for DOS.  It works really well,
however I can not figure out how to import/export CSV (comma/quote
delimited) files.  If anyone knows how to do this, or can point me to
the relevant documentation on the web, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.
Sam Campbell

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