OODB Product Evaluation

OODB Product Evaluation

Post by Roy Feldm » Fri, 15 Nov 1991 06:49:03

I am starting a evaluation of commercial OO Databases and I would like
to hear from people who have or are in the process of doing similar
work.  If you are actually using a commercial OODB then I
would especially like to hear from you.  There are a number of
questions I have, among them are:

1) Why have you decided to (or to not) use OODB technology in your
   project? Why isn't a RDBMS a satisfactory tool for your particular

2) What other OO tools or languages are you using or planning to use
   with an OODB?

3) If you have chosen a particular OODB, why? What other OODB's did
   you look at and how did they compare?

4) What was your selection criteria? In particular, I am
   interested in what your requirements were in the following areas:

   a) Performance (how many users, maximum time for transaction, etc.)
   b) Concurrency (transactions, what type, how much support)
   c) Reliability (what is your definition of reliability,
                  how fail-safe must your recovery be, if any)

5)  If you are using a OODB, is it meeting your expectations?

If you are interested in what I find, then post me and I will either
contact you directly or publish a summary in comp.databases.

Thanks in advance

- Roy

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We're two students from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg,
Sweden, writing our thesis in Computer Science. We're about to evaluate
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There also doesn't seem to be an aggreed on standard for what a OODB is
supposed to look like.

All ideas and comments appreciated.


Daniel Bjorkman

Tel 031-7473479
gsm 070-4021725

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