MAPI Logon Fails in an NT Service

MAPI Logon Fails in an NT Service

Post by Paul Mitchel » Fri, 12 Nov 1999 04:00:00

    we have developed a Service to run under Windows NT 351 on an Alpha
The service is supposed to restart automatically after a server
It connects to a SQLServer database and then makes a MAPILOGONEx call to
logon onto an exchange profile.
However the service always fails to start automatically failing on either
the ODBC
connect or MAPI logon parts.
If the service is manually restarted then it works fine.

I dont know a lot about this area and so would appreciate any advice.

Paul Mitchell

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1. Logon failed: MapiLogonEx Failed due to MAPI error 273: MAPI Logon failed.

I am trying to send an e-mail using the using the DTS Object Model from
within an ActiveX Script.  When I try to execute the package step I get the
following error:

"Logon failed: MapiLogonEx Failed due to MAPI error 273: MAPI Logon failed."

Can anyone shed some light on what may be causing this error.  Any help
would be appreciated.  Here is the sample code:

   ' E-mail Message goes here...
   Set oMailStep = oPackage.Steps.New
   Set oMailTask = oPackage.Tasks.New("DTSSendMailTask")

   oMailTask.Name = "DTSSendMail_Added_At_Runtime"

   ' Get to the SendMail Level of Object..
   Set oMail = oMailTask.CustomTask

   '  Set the E-mail properties...
   oMail.MessageText = "Errors found during xxx processing.  Please review
attached file. "
   oMail.Profile = "Microsoft Outlook"

   oMail.Subject = "xxx Processing Errors"
   oMail.FileAttachments = DTSGlobalVariables("strErrorPath").Value &

   '  Complete the Details for the step to be added...
   oMailStep.TaskName = oMail.Name
   oMailStep.Name = "MailSend"

   '  Add the Step and Task to the package then execute...
   oPackage.Steps.Add oMailStep
   oPackage.Tasks.Add oMailTask

   oPackage.Steps("MailSend").Execute   (This is where the error is raised)

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