Report Builder Vs Report Engine Printer Selection

Report Builder Vs Report Engine Printer Selection

Post by Shaw » Thu, 30 Mar 2000 04:00:00

I have a report behaving strangely.
If I print in Report Builder it goes to the correct printer. I save my
report then run the same report in Report Engine. This time the report
prints to my other printer, which is not the Windows default printer.

1. Printer Selection in Oracle Reports

Is it possible to select printer_name while running Oracle Reports2.5 in
batch mode?  The user-interface offers an option to choose the printer
when run in interactive mode, but there isn't any similar option for the
"runrep25" command.  Also, it looks like the Oracle Reports ONLY
recognizes the printers defined in the file "uiprint.txt".  Any
suggestions/comments are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

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