Terminal slave printer problem...

Terminal slave printer problem...

Post by PROGG » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00


I'm having a problem with some slave printers hooked up to terminals and was
wondering if anyone out there could help me.
We're running D3 on aix. The terminals are IBM 3153's and the printers are
Okidata 3410's. We use this as a dial up set up for emergencys only when the
MCI frame relay lines go down (which is more often than expected, don't get me
started ;-)). Small jobs seem to print ok but large ones seem to hang both the
terminal and the printer. I've made sure xon/off is turned on for the port, the
terminal and the printer. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Bill Montgomery


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gee, it's been a long time since I posted (or lurked) here. However, as I've
just identified the solution to a long-standing irk I thought I'd share it
with the group.

We have had an intermittent problem in getting ONE of our slave printers
(DEC laser 1800 in Epson emulation) to print a document the SECOND time
through. (We are using wyse120 terminals in native mode on an AP-PRO system)
We tried rewriting the programs, swapping printers, cables, terminals etc.
to no avail. Today, we have realised that it wasn't the printing TO the
printer that was the problem, it was just that the cancelling of transparent
print on the previous document hadn't worked properly.

For some reason, printing a space in front of char(20) solves the problem.


PRINT CHAR(20):     (turn off transparent print at terminal)
needs to be
PRINT " ":CHAR(20):

that works!!

I know that ap-pro is end of life, but just maybe this will help some other
poor sod with the same problem! or just maybe it works in other flavours

Tim Hale

ps anyone know how to get accuterm to show pound-signs instead of the hash?
yesss, we have tried the obvious! email me amending the address as obvious.

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