HELP!?...Looking for on line database access.

HELP!?...Looking for on line database access.

Post by Mark A Hamps » Wed, 23 Jun 1993 10:36:05

This was the closest newsgroup name to what I am looking for, so please
don't flame me too hard.

I am looking for an on-line service (subscription fee okay) to do searches
on MIL specs.  I have identified a company that will provide you with the
50,000 document text on CD-ROM and a searching tool but they would like
$7,000/yr to provide you with this service.  They will of course rent you
cabinets full of CD-ROM drives to house the 38 disk set at a mear $200/drive.

I have been busily hunting around the net for hints of someone who might
provide such a service but have not been too lucky.

I ask now of the general public:
If you know of such a beast could you let me in on your secret?

Any and all responces are appreciated.

the telephone (508) 485-8000 or FAX (508) 485-7794.

Thanks in advance,

Mark A. Hampson
A&M Engineered Composites
BFGoodrich Aerospace
6 Hayes Memorial Drive
Marlboro, MA  01752


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Have a merry christmas!

Best regards,

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