Help needed on embedded sql statement

Help needed on embedded sql statement

Post by Hong Wa » Thu, 26 Nov 1992 09:05:47

Hi Everyone,

I need some help on a problem that I encountered recently. On a VMS
machine I was running an application that had some embedded Ingres
SQL Select statements. The actual statements were as following:

While the first statement returned data back to the application, the
second statement(with count(distinct ename)) returned an error message
indicating that no grant or grant equivalent statement was given to the
table employees.

It actually did not matter which statement executed first. The error
message always went with the select statement with "count(distinct
ename)" clause. I used a de* on VMS to check the preparation and
description processes for both select statements, and could not find out
any difference and they were ok. The odd thing was that both statements
ran ok in the interactive Ingres SQL environment.

Could some one on the net point to me where the problem could be? Any
help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Hong Wang


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