INFO PC Interface for uniVerse / Unidata

INFO PC Interface for uniVerse / Unidata

Post by Bob Whel » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 14:43:29

I tried to respond to a post from Malcolm Sainsbury about a
question he had on Itypes as used in INFOpc.

I would like to mention that our firm has a product which enables
using INFO PC with uniVerse and Unidata file systems as one would
with Prime Information.

Anyone with interest can Email me at the below address.

Bob Whelan

Point Information Network            Bob Whelan
     Authors of




Mothers Work, Inc a $270 million high growth retailer of womens apparel,
has a dynamic oppurtunity in its mission-critical Information Systems area
for two Programmer/Analyst.

Our Trend Track (TM) intergrated retail, manufacturing and financial
system, developed in-house has given us the competitive edge to grow 50%
per yer. We need high potential hardworking canidates who have development
expierence in Pick, Universe, Unidata, Prime Information, PI Open, to grow
our Information Systems group.  Expierence in Clipper software applications
a Plus.

Our Hardware consist of multiple muti-processor configurations and a fiber
backbone.  Investment in state of the art hardware and software is
continued focus at Mothers Work, Inc.

Mothers Work, Inc. is located in Phila. PA. just north of Center City.

- Our facility has off street parking
- Stock Options
- Generous Benefits Package
- 401(k) program

Also checkout our website

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