Smart Software MS.DOS Database, Speadsheet, etc)

Smart Software MS.DOS Database, Speadsheet, etc)

Post by Trevor Aist » Sat, 09 May 1998 04:00:00

Anybody got any weblinks for Smart by Innovative Software Inc.


1. Seeking recommendations for database software (MS-DOS)

Our department is looking for a relational database management system,
primarily for working with experimemtal data collected on data acquision

While we will probably start out with a single-user system, there is a
good chance that it would be upgraded soon to make use of a server (now
non-existent) on our Appletalk network (running AppleShare).  It would
also be nice, in this case for Macs running FoxBase to have access to
the same files (which i guess means dBase compatibility).

Mainframe access is not really necessary, as we have access to IBM and
VAX (unix) machines via an EtherNet link, but there is no database
software on those machines.

Please e-mail all replies, as i don't regularily read these groups; i
will post a summary.  Thanks.


                                               - Scott

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