Want [ng]dbm/avl/btree/isam type library

Want [ng]dbm/avl/btree/isam type library

Post by Chris Ren » Fri, 13 Sep 1991 00:12:25

I need some C routines in order to implement keyed access to a file.

I have various implementations of ndbm, gdbm, dbm, avl, btree, and isam
routines but none of them include all of the following features that I need:

- Perform basic key/record_number operations: store, fetch, delete, etc...
- Must store key/record_number data in disk file, not memory
- Must allow for duplicate keys (Two or more records for a given key)
- Like to have a way to read all keys in sorted order

If anyone has any pointers to a PD C package that can do this, please
let me know...


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