Linking to ODBC tables

Linking to ODBC tables

Post by W. Travis Peter » Tue, 28 Sep 1999 04:00:00

I'm using Topspeed ODBC 2.0 driver.  I need a consistent link to tables.
I'm not convinced the problem is with the driver.  If you've found a
resolution to this problem, please let me know!

The link fails (ODBC call failed) frequently and attempting to relink the
table results in "Table not found"

My current work-around is as follows:
1. close the MDB
2. compact it from an "administration" database
(compacting the database from the Tools menu while in the MDB does not solve
the problem)
3. open the MDB
4. deleting and recreating the link.

This obviously won't work well in a production environment!

W. Travis Peters
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1. Access and linked ODBC tables don't use ODBC Definition

I discovered something that I consider very ugly. I am using an Access
databases with linked tables to access my ODBC sources. I discovered
by chance today that the Access database does not use the data source
definition currently set by the ODBC manager.

Example: Link the tables in Access using an ODBC source. Then change
the ODBC datasource to another server, or database whatever. Use the
Access database, it still has the original ODBC information stored in
Access. However it does check for the existance of the datasource,
because if you delete it altogether, then it won' work.

This was with ORACLE Rdb. Is this true with all ODBC data sources?
Don't you think this defeats the purpose of the ODBC manager?

I was expecting to be able to change my data source, but I can't
without deleteing the links and recreating them.

Bob Clary
Enterprise Consulting


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