SB+ vs Que-Bic

SB+ vs Que-Bic

Post by Roger Prefontai » Wed, 11 Aug 1993 04:14:00

I noticed in one of your messages that you are familiar with both
Que-Bic Developer and System Builder+.  I am currently evaluating both
of these products (along with a couple others) and I was wondering if
you had any preferences between the two.  It's kind of hard to find
objective information about the products since most of the articles are
"paid-for" to some extent by the manufacturers of the products.

Your opinion would be extremely helpful.



Roger Prefontaine        Edmonton, Alberta Canada


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I have been asked by a charity group to move their current hire system from
a third party computer centre onto their own inhouse system. The problem I
have, is the current system is on a unix box and the new system is running
on NT.

If any one could please give me advise or options available, I would be
very thankful for any assistance.


Jamie Wilbraham
Perth Western Australia

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