Essbase Consulting Opportunities - Dallas, Denver, Chicago

Essbase Consulting Opportunities - Dallas, Denver, Chicago

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Consulting firm focused on the implementation of OLAP and Data
Warehousing applications is looking to add individuals with solid
experience using Arbor Software's Essbase product.      
Current openings in our Dallas, Denver, St. Louis and Chicago offices.
    Please respond to:
       Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.
       222 West Las Colinas Blvd  Suite 1650
       Irving, TX 75039
       Attn: Marc Hadd

    Voice: (972) 401-4136   Fax: (972) 401-4137

    Pinnacle Solutions is a Arbor Alliance Partner


1. Essbase Consulting Opportunities Chi, Det, Dal, Den, Stl

Pinnacle's focus is on improving corporate decision making through the
thoughtful application of Data Mart and OLAP technology applying relevant
business knowledge to transform raw data into strategic analytical
information.  Pinnacle consultants combine critical business and technology
expertise with mentoring and training to deliver comprehensive consulting
Pinnacle is the largest provider of Essbase consulting services in the
Central US.  Our success is driving the need for additional experienced
Essbase professionals.  If you want to join a firm focused on OLAP and Data
Mart applications, check out Pinnacle.
We are looking for individuals with deep functional / business experience
and solid technical skills.  Knowledge of Data Warehousing and Decision
Support Concepts with development experience in some of the following:
          Arbor Essbase
          GUI design and development
              Visual Basic, ActiveX, HTML, Java
          Advanced Spreadsheet development
          Relational Database
               Oracle, SQL Server, DB2
          Data Mart
               Informatica, Redbrick, ShowCase, IBM

Current openings in our Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, St. Louis and Denver
offices.  Pinnacle's dynamic culture offers excellent compensation and
benefits with a focus on ongoing career progression.  Please respond to:
        Pinnacle Solutions, Inc.
        8700 W. Bryn Mawr Suite 830N
        Chicago, IL 60631
        Attn: Marty Phelps
        Phone: (773) 714-9999
        Fax: (773) 714 - 9998


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