Looking for work tracking db app

Looking for work tracking db app

Post by Glen Hollid » Sat, 29 Oct 1994 05:44:08


        I'm doing a product search for a database application
that must exist, but everything I've found so far falls on one
side or the other of what we need.  This is trolling for
recommendations.  If there's interest, I'll post a summary.

        We're tracking the workflow in a process.  In brief,
we need a database to correlate raw material in, product out,
primitive processes/tasks, and assignments.  The database will
support status updates and management support reports.
        The workflow tools I've looked at are much bigger than
we need - we're not doing forms chasing, and we're a small group,
not an industrial process.  The schedule tools I've looked at
don't let us handle the other data that isn't schedule data
(we're already using OpenPlan for the schedule part).
        We are equipped to program the application ourselves
(probably in FoxPro), but it's lots cheaper to buy it than
to spend the hours to build and debug it.  Surely this sort of
thing must be on the market?  Anybody have a name and vendor
for it?  Physical requirements:  We run a Novell net of Windows-based PCs.
Things I've seen that require Oracle are no-go, and so far there's
no interest in things that require Lotus Notes.



Glenn Holliday,  Computer Sciences Corporation,  Dahlgren, VA 703-663-9251


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I'm looking for a bespoke database that would help me track reported errors
on some software.  This would be fairly simple to implement in one of the
commercial packages available MS Access etc... but I don't have the spare

I understand there are a number of packages on the market especially written
for this purpose, anyone any ideas or information that might help?

Thanks in advance of any information


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